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Garden Inspired Floral  Arrangements by Winnie Pitrone

 I have been growing cut flowers on the Mendocino Coast in partnership with my husband, Andy Mackey, since 1992.  We are small scale, bio-intensive horticulturists following our flower passion with an emphasis on detail and diversity.  It  is our belief that the  purity of method, gardening exclusively with hand labor and hand tools, is reflected in the quality of what we produce.  Following our main inspiration, Alan Chadwick, we believe that "the spade and fork are the tools of the trade and gardening is an artistic and physical discipline - A way of life".  It is our hope that this is reflected in our arrangements; after you have gazed upon them, we hope that you feel as if you have just taken a stroll through the garden.  

We have developed a diverse, personalized palette consisting of plants collected over the past three decades.  Flowers are harvested at the optimal time for longevity in the vase, allowing the arrangements to unfold over time.  We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we enjoy creating them.

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